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Aaron Schock: The Young Representative of Illinois

Aaron Schock is most known for representing the 18th congressional district of Illinois as a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives.
Early Life and Education
Aaron Schock was born on May 30, 1981 on Morris, Minnesota as the youngest child of four. He was raised on a rural farm but later moved to Peoria, Illinois where he later attended Richwoods high school. Because he finished most of his requirements for high school graduation in his junior year, he co-attended Illinois Central College until he graduated from high school in 2000. He went on to receive his undergraduate degree in finance from Bradley University in 2002.
After graduating high school, Aaron Schock decided to try running for a seat on the local school board because he felt the school board lacked a youthful and diverse perspective. On his first attempt, he did not have the required amount of signatures on his petition, but he soon held a write-in campaign explaining to over 13,000 households in his district how to write his name on a ballot. He beat the incumbent and became the youngest person serving on an Illinois school board at the age of 19.

Early Career
After two more years on the board, he was elected to be vice president and then president the year after, making his the youngest school board president at the age of 23 ever in Illinois.
During college, Aaron Schock invested and ran a garage organizing business and then moved on to work at Peterson Companies as a director of development.
Illinois House of Representative
In 2005, Aaron Schock became a member representing the 92nd district in the Illinois House of Representatives. During his four years here, he served on the committee of Financial Institutions, Veteran’s Affairs Committee, and the Environment and Energy Committee. He also participated in two different appropriations committees that typically contained only senior law makers. Aaron Schock also sponsored and passed 18 bills, many which were thought of as landmark reforms.
United States House of Representative
Aaron Schock then became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009.  In his first term he was assigned three different committees and was also appointed to be a deputy minority whip. Aaron Schock served as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Contracting & Technology of the Small Business Committee. 
In his second term in 2011 he was appointed to the Committee on Ways and Means where he also serves the Social Security, Trade, and Oversight subcommittees. Current negotiations in the trade committee include pending free trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama. 
Aaron Schock also serves on the Committee on House Administration which oversees federal elections as well as the House of Representatives day-to-day operations.
Some of Aaron Schock’s more influential contributions in Congress include:
Introducing H.R. 513 which would ban transferring federal funds to detained individuals at Guantanamo Bay.
Introducing legislation that creates the Federal Program Sunset commission.
Voting against federal hate-crimes law amendments that would include crimes based on sexual gender identity, orientation, gender and disability to be considered hate crimes.