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Michelle Bachman: Minnesota’s Representative

Michele Bachmann is the present representative for the 6th congressional district of Minnesota and the first Republican female to hold a seat in the United States House of Representatives as Minnesota’s representative. Bachman was born in 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa but after her parents separated she moved to California where she was then raised by her single mother.
Michelle Bachmann attended Anoka High School and then proceeded to attend and graduate from Winona State University where she received her undergraduate degree. After earning her juris doctorate from Oral Roberts University, Bachmann continued at College of William and Mary, where she received her LLM in tax law. Around this time, she married Marcus Bachmann in 1978. She then worked for the Internal Revenue Service as an attorney for five years, until she decided to be a stay at home mother.
While she had been involved in different forms of political activism for the next 20 years, Michelle Bachman’s political career began in 2000. She ran for a seat in the Minnesota State Senate, first winning the GOP endorsement against the incumbent of 18 years in district 56. Michelle Bachman then proceeded to win in the general election. After redistricting in 2002, she won against an incumbent for the 52nd district of Minnesota.
In the State Senate, Michelle Bachmann proposed an amendment to the state constitution to prevent the state from acknowledging same sex marriages, which ultimately did not pass. She was also involved in the Taxpayers Bill of Rights and for a short while she acted as the Assistant Minority Leader for the State Republican Caucus, where she was in charge of Policy. However, she was removed from her position after a year.
Michelle Bachman was elected as a Republican representative of 6th congressional district of Minnesota for the House of Representatives in 2006 and is still serving today. She is a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Financial Services Committee. 
Michelle Bachmann considers herself a strong supporter for tax reform and a challenger to excessive government spending. She believes in following to the original meaning of the Constitution, as the Founding Fathers would have interpreted it. She is weary of big business and is particularly concerned of the government’s role it in, for example during President Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform bill.
Michelle Bachman also believes that family is the first and most important unit of the government’s vitality and that free markets should be highlighted. She has also held a pro-life stance for the majority of her political career.
In regards to her personal life, Michelle Bachman and her husband have five children. She has also taken in 23 children for foster care.